Sinpro SA des produits pour l'industrie, has been established in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1957.



With around 60 years of experience in the chemical industries, Sinpro has experienced executives and a young team.


Sinpro is serving the following industries:


Polyesters resins, paints and varnishes, inks, food and feed, pharma and construction industries.


Sinpro is well introduced in the chemical markets and is representing very important factories from Europe and from the world.


We are very active in Switzerland, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and South American markets.


All our products are very carefully controlled and are all of first class quality.


Sinpro is conveniently located in Lausanne, Switzerland, centre of European traffic and trade.


We are not far from main european ports such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, Trieste etc.


We deliver our products directly to factories by road, rail-way and containers.


In 2013, Sinpro has been ranked by ICIS survey within the first hundred european traders.



Sinpro has built strong financial grounds and is linked with important banks in Switzerland.